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Trini girls dating

The size of the labour force has increased over the years, moving from 480,000 persons in 1987 to 619,000 persons in 2010–an annual average growth rate of 1.1 percent.Even though males continue to be predominant, the share of females in the labour force has steadily increased moving from 31.8 percent in 1980 to 41.4 percent in 2010.READ FULL STORY FIVE per cent or more of primary and secondary school pupils are suffering from mental and emotional disorders with the potential for “serious” consequences, Parliament’s Joint Select Committee into Social Services and Public Administration heard yesterday.…READ FULL STORY STATE enterprise the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Ltd (Nedco) disclosed yesterday that people who came for loans in the “early days” misinterpreted those loans as grant financing and saw no need to repay.Research shows that there are substantial wage differences between men and women in Trinidad and Tobago.While women account for the largest entry into both the workforce and education, a 2015 study .Women in Trinidad and Tobago excel in various industries and occupations including micro-enterprise owners, "lawyers, judges, politicians, civil servants, journalists, and calypsonians." Women still dominate the fields of "domestic service, sales, and some light manufacturing." Women of Afro-Trinidadian mix commonly become "heads of households," thus with acquired "autonomy and power." By participating in Trinidad and Tobago's version of the Carnival, Trinidadian and Tobagonian women demonstrate their "assertive sexuality." Some of them have also been active in so-called Afro-Christian sects and in running the "sou-sou informal rotating credit associations." asserts that historical views of race and colonialism impact Trinidadian culture in such a way that are often excluded from Western feminist studies."Caribbean gender theory has to wrangle with the boundedness of patriarchy at the same time as it tussles with the barnacles of colonialism and imperialism." Gender performances in Trinidad and Tobago occupy three distinct spaces: physical, social, and cultural.

Many public spaces display African imagery, primarily from Nigeria and Ghana because these nations are still Trinidad and Tobago's closest political allies and cultural beacons.

According to the 2012 National Gender Policy, despite high levels of education and employment, women are still the primary care-givers in the society with the majority of the responsibility for raising children, performing housework, taking care of the sick, the aging and elderly, and the disabled, and managing many of community-based organizations.

In 2016, Trinidad and Tobago ranked 91st in the world (out of 114 countries) in wage equality between men and women for similar work.

As of 2015, the wage gap is found to be larger in the private sector than the public sector, and the gap is larger at the lower end of the wage distribution.

In the private sector, at the 10th percentile the gender wage gap is 25.9 percent compared to 12.0 percent at the 90th percentile.

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READ FULL STORY The Strategic Services Agency (SSA) yesterday terminated the services of 35 of its employees.