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The capacity to produce hypersensitivity or in other words the sensitising property of psora is the basic nature.By dint of this property it makes the organism susceptible to all sorts of environmental conditions and diseases, as well as to allergens.They can be both suicidal and cold-blooded murderers.Syphilitics lack mercy and sympathy and may be called iconoclasts.Deprivation may also manifest in the sense of presenting a false or pseudo-image of themselves.

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As a result of incoordination of thoughts, sycotics manifest some fears.

A millionaire for example can develop a constant fear of poverty, which is expressed as selfishness, suspicion and physical restlessness.

The introverted, close-mouthed syphilitic patient keeps their depression to themselves and it only becomes apparent after they have committed suicide.

They have a tendency to suppress and conceal and an inability to realise and express their symptoms.

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A sycotic person will always act in a most selfish way to deprive others.

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