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The victims thinks she's helping out, but she doesn't realize she might be aiding and abetting a crime.

I've been talking to a soldier says he's overseas in Turkey. He says he works as an engineer for oil drilling company.

There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. I think American police FBI and Interpol should cooperate urgently to stop such scammers. i know he has all the sighns i dont want to believe it. Of course I refused but he pleaded but he kept telling about his son who needs financial assistance. He sent me pictures of him even a picture of his own house in the USA. He's a sweet talker and uses "my queen" and "baby" a lot. He is sending me money for him to have when he gets back.

If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams. There are victims all over the world with such silly surprises about United Emirates, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia and Australia. i fell in love with a man i know hes not real but god he makes me feel alive, i have never talked to him only by email, hes very good of convincing his love for me. He said that his card is now ready to be sent to me with M on it. Everyday he's emailing me nice poems saying I'm his queen. I tracked him down on the sight we 1st met when I recognised similar pictures. The stories he tells her are identical to ones I have read here but different locations and names. However he isn't in the military data base when I looked up his name and where he said he was from which was Miami Florida there is no record of him by name by his age.

We have the same situation and I understand how you feel. He claimed to be stranded at our airport for 4 months now. I keep trying to call it quits but he won't let me. Last month I got a credit card in the mail with a ,000 credit limit on it so they know our address. They wanted me to buy 10 0 cell phones Apple s6. That cop wouldn't hardly give us a chance to say anything. The cops have been here two nights this week to talk to us.

Last week we spent 3 hours there waiting to talk to someone.

Some scammers find a person, and after they form a “relationship,” they ask their new friend if they can use their bank account.

why do the States wait instead of cooperating when they have the phone numbers, the emails and complaints from many countries? To cut it short, I agreed to receive the Master Card. When he realised he had spoken to me before and I refused to send him money he got angry and started insulting me. Like seriously, all the pics were the same not to mention story. We had talked about if we were still talking when he got home and get along face to face as we do on kik then maybe marriage could be in future but for now we vow to just be friends.

If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam. Made a speech on safety on rigs and two small oil companies awarded him 3 million for his speech. I told him for the safety of never meeting him for my family I wouldn't do it. You can report a scam to Money Gram (1-800-926-9400) or Western Union (800-448-1492) Tell the wire transfer companies what names these people are using, and the locations where they pickup money. I met a man and claimed to be a US Navy Captain base in Yemen. After I wan not able to send what he wanted..was gone. Now says he needs money as his son was in a terrible accident in Africa and has no way of getting money, even though he works for the UN. I want to get to the bottom of this, i am so angry. All the songs and pictures he has sent make me think he is very clever. He claims he wants to come visit but says I have to pick up his luggage at the airport or he can't come. Still waiting to hear what he's going to say next. He has offered to send me money but the banks refuse automatically saying its fraud from get go.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. Needed to get it out of his hands ASAP before company found out. Your story is similar to mine except I sent money through Western Union and Moneygram. He requested me to receive his retirement card and send for his son schooling in NY because he has no relatives to receive his card. He also sent picture of his house that he said no one is living in there. Thanks for your post Crazyann, I met that US Army Soldier Frank Edward who claimed he is in Syria but lately transferred to Africa. He also goes by the names Frank Lewis or Michael Lewis. Buy he isn't sending me money to cash and send back.

He's widowed, in Alaska as the ship engineer for an oil ship finishing up his last project before retiring.

Asked me for i Tunes cards then asked me to deposit 00 into an account to finish payment for the helicopter to deliver equipment to the ship. The guy I am talking to is incredibly handsome and loves to send pics of himself.

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After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. He gave me the email address for the attorney so i can contact him about sending the money. They have me so scared that they are really here I call the cops several times a day, I keep getting told its a scam and the SOB's are in S. I have changed my # and 3 days later he was calling me again. You say someone is threatening you and your daughter over the phone and email.

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