Matty d dating

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Matty d dating

"Anything like engagement or marriage isn't something we've even talked about at present." Kym, 40, and Matt, 27, aren't ruling out marriage though, with the brunette beauty admitting they simply aren't in a hurry. In the past I've thought I was with the right person and it didn't work out.

Their rift began when Steph's ex Dan Hooper, and father to her daughter Lexi started dating Kym just a few weeks after they split.

It led to the blonde calling Kym "heartless" on Twitter.

"There is an unwritten rule that if you are friends with somebody you don't go near their ex partners," she wrote.

Poor Bachelor contestants Laura, Elise and Tara are beating off rumours with a stick - today tabloid New Idea is claiming Matty J and Laura dated before the show, and made a “secret pact”.

The magazine claims the pair agreed prior to filming that Laura would apply for The Bachelor and that she’d make it to the finale - and the reason?

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"My biggest regret is talking about what happened with Kym in the first place. I'm so sorry for putting her and her family through that. It's a big deal to us." When asked if they think it is the right sort of commitment to make, the star said they've "taken things slowly".Kym said: "We don't feel like we've rushed into anything and we've taken everything quite slowly, really. We both feel that buying home together is the next step - it's exciting!After dating for two years, Kym and Matt have decided to take a big step in their relationship, proving their commitment to one another. magazine, Kym revealed they will be buying a house together.The Coronation Street actress explained: "Matt and I are buying a house together - that's a big commitment to each other.

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Ever since 2012, when their early synth-tinged pop-rock sound drove teen girls in the U. mad, eclectic Brit band The 1975 have spent more time on the road touring than not. It’s made us see our fans and watch the cultivation of this community.

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