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The Lifemates Canada matchmaking program offers Canadian singles a unique opportunity to connect with other professionals who share their background, values and interests.

This introduction program has been creating successful personalized dating opportunities for individuals of all ages for more than twenty years.

there are reports on this company on the "ripoff report verified business directory" indicating there successful proceeding for consumers. And you were essentially tricked and grossly, perhaps even fraudulently mis-represented. But before you sue I suggest that you send them a letter demanding a full refund and indicating that you were grossly mis-represented and tricked into signing.

I just don't know if I have to agree to their services and sue them after not providing any suitable matches/services (they lied about having members in my age range and have added notes that I didn't see at the time) or I have the right to sue if they don't respond to my cancellation request based on misleading and false information that they provided me verbally at the time without matching info on their contract that they pressured me to sign and did not provide time to review and think about as they wanted me to sign right there and then and not seems the only way is through small claim court but people waited years before starting legal process and getting their money back. As well, I suggest you call your credit card company and indicate you that believe you were defrauded as you didn't understand that when they took your card into another room they were charging you. As well, first thing tomorrow I suggest you contact the consumer protection branch, get some advice and ask if they can help.

the sales person used tactics and pressured and manipulated me to sign their contract on the same day that they suppose to just check to see if I am "eligible" for their services.

Lifemates is active in numerous Canadian cities and provinces including in Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Hamilton, Mississauga, London, Toronto, Barrie, Calgary and Montreal.

Lifemates Canada bases its suggested social introductions on the experiences of its professional staff as well as on an understanding of what each member expects and wants.

This understanding is based on personal interviews that Lifemates relationship coaches have with each member.

After the interview, a Lifemates matchmaker reviews the interview to consider appropriate matches that might be created with another member in the same locale.

Lifemates does not rely on computerized matchmaking because, the company feels that such types of activity is unreliable and that type of random matchmaking creates more complaints than successes.

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