Lagunitas freshness dating hometown dating

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Lagunitas freshness dating

Not long ago the mention of sessionable beers would bring talk of browns and ambers, beers known for their depth and easy drinking.

Beers without the high ABV’s that would leave a weary reveler reeling as they set foot to sidewalk after a long evening of libation lubricated conversation at the local brewpub.

New York's Single Cut Beer (center, top) says its beer should be drunk within 7 to 21 days of canning.

Looking back over the last ten years it would seem inevitable.

Day Time gives you the hops you crave while allowing you to remain “Day Time” functional.

Or in the words of Lagunitas brewing “Sometimes you want a beer, then you realize how much crap you need to do before you call it a day.

Pilsener is the buzzy new craft beer.] By now, consumers have gotten the message that most beer is best enjoyed when it’s fresh.

Ninety-five percent of craft beer drinkers cited “freshness” as important in a 2016 Harris Poll.

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The pour extricates a very pale, staring-into-the-sun, yellow beer from its brown glassed prison.