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I'm not new to the furry fandom, that being said only recently started looking to actually meet/date other furs.This app needs polish and some TLC, but it could be great.Does your mind just blow in sheer joy at the idea of being heavily shunned for saying anything negative of the bad apples? For the love of god just stay away, this app's community has lost it.It's the social networking version of Jonestown with its social shunning and sheer insanity being preached to you.

Sarah could have moved this country forward by light years. Leave a Comment » | Uncategorized | Tagged: Barack Obama, Barbie, Black Knight, Christian, Governor Palin, Hillary Clinton, hockey mom, Humor, Hussein, John Mc Cain, Lady Di, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Muslim, news, politics, RNC, Sarah mistletoe, Sarah Palin, Stepford Wives | Permalink Posted by tannerleah When I first read the headline, I thought for sure it had finally happened…the Jonas Brothers had finally pushed someone over the edge and caused them to whack somebody. No, the latest group to be accused of influencing the behavior of idiotic teenagers is Insane Clown Posse.Ferzu is an app and website for furries and furfans to connect, chat, share and meet.Whether your fursona walks, flies or swims, whether you’re looking for furry friends, dates or fun, whether you’re young or old, chubby or thin, stripes or spots—welcome home.Ferzu is part social network, part personals: we've blended the best of both worlds.That means it’s a great place to make new friends, find the perfect furry mate, or simply connect with the furry fandom and the furry community.

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Save your time and make a discord server or go to Amino or Kik if your that desperate for furry communities.

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