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Erica durance dating tom welling

he is part German, part Irish, and part Native American... when he saw a woman being mugged in real life he ran over and fought off her attackers - the woman then looked at him and said "Wow, you really are Superman" and he laughed...

Oh and the picture that created the kind of fictional hero it's apparently gonna take me a long, long time to get over.

But whatever the reason, after reading the script, talking it over with his father and some second thoughts, he read for the role and decided to take the job. I've always been a Superman fan and with this series I have a show that not only can I bond with my youngest nephew over - I can also get an idea or two, or as it turned out a book or two, along the way - !

I wonder does that make the box sets a research expense....

Tom then went on to take part in the runway show for Ralph Lauren's Fall 1999 collection at New York Fashion Week, and a few months later appeared in spreads for Adidas, Nike and Conde Nast.

Working through a model agency in Germany he also took on assignments in Europe from their offices in Munich and Hamburg..

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was born on the 26th of April 1977 in Putnam Valley, New York to a GM executive father and homemaker mother.