Dating your boss pedal

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Dating your boss pedal

I don’t know of a guitar player who has never owned nor played through one before.Kurt Cobain used one until he broke it and graduated to a DS-2.self proclaimed shoegazer, I, matt guess, review my favorite (and pretty much whatever I get my hands on) guitar pedals, rack f/x, budget home studio recording equipment and techniques, floss digital vs.analog, spend way too much time discussing the art of compression and mastering, and share my lust for vintage jazzmasters and excessive reverb.However, we know love strikes in the most unexpected of places, like in the boardroom, by the photocopier and on those all-important team-bonding away days. and 5 p.m., keep the relationship on a work-only basis.

There are a number of ways to date your Boss pedal.

Boss pedals are like memory boxes that capture a particular feeling–a moment in time. Glam Rock was in full swing and the Boss warehouses in Japan could not stock enough harmonizers and flangers to satisfy the new generation of garage youth whose bedroom walls were plastered with Whitesnake and Poison posters, their palms blistered from constant high-fiving after watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure for the first time.

They demanded an all-in-one box that would grant them the godlike abilities of the guitar virtuosos–sizzling pinch harmonics, light speed heavy metal pick sweeping, and laser beam tapping solos.

The easiest way is to just use the BOSS Serial Number Decoder to find out when your pedal was originally produced.

You can find the serial number in the battery compartment inside the pedal.

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