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The 12 studio units are located on the 9th and 10th floors with a resident’s lounge intended to foster a communal environment.The Children’s Village is providing on-site supportive services to the 12 individuals that have come to their new homes out of foster care.“Today marks a new chapter for these organizations and the New Yorkers who will now have a quality, affordable home and the security and opportunity that brings.I want to thank HDC, Alembic Development, Citi Community Capital, Richman Houses Resources, and all our partners for their work to secure a more affordable city.” The ten-story development includes a landscaped terrace, a lobby with two elevators, a residential lounge, and a laundry room.) Morgan, Theo P Morgan, Thomas Morgan, Thomas Morgan, Thomas & Co Morgan, W Morgan, W H (also J P) Morgan, W H M Morgan, W R Morgan, Washington Morgan, William Morgan, William Thomas Morgan, William Thomas & Co Morgans, John & Richard Morganti, Alfred Morganti, R (Miss) Morgan-Wells Morhall, Amos Mori, J F Mori, James Mori, W Co Morice, Walter Morioka, Tadakaju Morison, G P Morland Studio Morley Morley & Barwick Morley & Wright Morley, C Morley, C E Morley, Charles Edgar Morley, E W Morley, Edward Morley, Eric Morley, Eric G Morley, Eric J Morley, George Arthur Morley, H Morley, Henry Morley, Henry Charles Morley, J & Son Morley, James Morley, James G Morley, John Morley, Joseph Morley, Joseph D Morley, Joseph D & Sons Morley, M Morley, M (Mrs) Morley, Manfred Marshall Morley, Manfred Marshall & Sons Morley, Marshall David Morley, R Morley, Robert Morley, William Morling & Co Morling, Charles Morling, Charles E Moroney, William Morpeth, John Morrall & Jones Morrall, Amos Morrell & Co Morrell, George Morrell, Ivy Dene Morrell-Campbell Morrill, Joseph Morris & Co Morris & Logan Morris Fine Art Co Morris, A U Morris, Alfred Morris, B Morris, B Morris, Benjamin Morris, Charles Morris, Charles George Morris, D L Morris, David Morris, David R Morris, Edward Morris, Edward Robert Morris, Edward Walter Morris, Edwin Morris, Edwin Percy Morris, Elizabeth (Mrs) Morris, Emanuel Morris, F Morris, Francis Edward Morris, Francis M (Mrs) Morris, Frederick Thomas James Morris, G M Morris, George Morris, George Samuel Morris, H Morris, H Morris, H (Mrs) Morris, H M Morris, Henry Morris, Henry Morris, Herbert Morris, J Morris, Jim Morris, John Morris, John Hilton Morris, John William Morris, Joseph Morris, L Morris, L (Miss) Morris, L E Morris, L E (Miss) Morris, Leonard Morris, Leonard Charles Morris, Owen Richard Morris, Percival G Morris, Percy Morris, R Morris, Rachel (Mrs) Morris, Ralph Clayton Morris, Richard Morris, Robert Morris, Robert Matthews Morris, Robert Matthews & Co Morris, Robert W Morris, Robert William Morris, Robert William & Son Morris, S & L E (Misses) Morris, S W Morris, Thomas Albert Morris, W Morris, W & F Morris, Walt Morris, Wilfred Morris, William Morris, William Morrish, J Morrison & Ednie Morrison, A Morrison, Adam Morrison, Alex Morrison, Alex I Morrison, Alexander Morrison, David Morrison, G & M Morrison, G & M Ltd Morrison, George Morrison, George G Morrison, Harry Alex Morrison, J George Morrison, James Morrison, John Morrison, Robert Morrison, Thomas A A Morrison, William Morrison, William Robert Morrison’s Studio Morris’s Morrod, T Morroll, Harry Morrow Studio Morrow, George Morrow, John Morse, H & G Morson, J Morter, D & R (Misses) (Mesdames) Morter, Ernest Morter, Thomas Morter, Thomas & Ernest Morter, Thomas (Mrs) Mortimer & Co Mortimer & Wright Mortimer, A Mortimer, Edward Mortimer, H & Sons Mortimer, Harry A Mortimer, Henry A Mortimer, Hugh Mortimer, Ivy B M (Miss) Mortimer, Walter F Morton Morton Morton (Marton), Henry Morton (Mr) Morton, A & Co Morton, Charles Morton, Cyril Morton, Day R Morton, E Morton, Ernest Morton, Fred Morton, George Morton, George R Morton, George S (G?FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, May 15, 2017CONTACT: Stephanie Mavronicolas (HDC) [email protected] HPD AND HDC JOIN HARLEM DOWLING, THE CHILDREN’S VILLAGE, ALEMBIC COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND PARTNERS TO CELEBRATE THE COMPLETION OF HARLEM DOWLING, A NEW AFFORDABLE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT New York, NY – New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC) President Eric Enderlin joined New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) Deputy Commissioner for Development Molly Park, the leaders of Harlem Dowling - West Side Center for Children and Family Services (Harlem Dowling), The Children’s Village, Alembic Community Development, and partners for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate completion of construction of a new affordable housing and community facility development located at 2139 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. The new development consists of 12-studio, 12 one-bedroom, and 35 two-bedroom apartments affordable to extremely low and low-income individuals and families.HDC also provided .9 million in subsidy from its corporate reserves.

All of the studios are reserved for youth aging out of foster care.The new homes and supportive services at Harlem Dowling will bring them the space and peace of mind needed to flourish and live productive and happy lives,” said HDC President Eric Enderlin.“I extend my thanks to HPD, Citi Community Capital, Richman Housing Resources, Harlem Dowling West Side Center, Children’s Village, The Corporation for Supportive Housing, and all of the many dedicated partners who together have created a project that Harlem and all of New York City can be truly proud of.” “This affordable housing development provides homes not just for youth aging out of foster care, but for Harlem Dowling and Children’s Village, important non-profits that serve New York City’s low-income families and children in need,” said HPD Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer.“It’s our moral obligation to support our youth in foster care, and whenever we can provide young adults with stable, affordable housing as they age out of foster care, it’s a wonderful thing,” said Manhattan Borough President Gale A. “I was proud to support this affordable housing project with capital funding and am glad to see it completed.” The 59 low-income rental units are affordable to households earning no more than ,300 for an individual or ,780 for a family of four.The 12 studio units reserved for extremely-low income youth aging out of foster care have rents underwritten to just 7 monthly or 30 percent of the tenant’s income, whichever is higher.

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