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The century-long trend female population dominance has changed over the last year. A clear male surplus has previously been attributed to countries such as India, China and Saudi-Arabia, where there is a clear preference for male over female children. The surplus in Sweden is noticeable as of 2015, and according to population expert Tomas Johansson, countries like Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and the UK might also tilt towards a male majority population.

Why then are countries in Northern Europe – famous for their gender equality – experiencing the same population imbalances? The first is that men are becoming older in wealthier countries.

Historically speaking, the European population has therefore had a slightly female dominated population.

Different urban issues concerning the lives of women will be discussed in this series.

Secondly, these highly educated women have more chances of finding a suitable job in the cities.

This tendency has been especially noticeable after the role of the woman changed in European society.

Secondly, Sobotka sees the influx of migrants as a factor that is changing sex ratios, this rise can be seen in the image below.

Figures from Italy and Greece show that around 66 percent of all refugees are male.

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Psychoanalyst Ansis Stabingis lists two reasons why women have been more adaptive to this capitalist shift; they have higher tendencies to seek professional mental help and since many of them are single mothers, their children might help them to keep going.

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