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It is worth mentioning that before Kardashian became famous for a sex tape, she was the sidekick of Paris Hilton.It is not hard to see why some fans would see it as plausible that they could replicate this rise to fame by association.But for every delighted fan that has a direct interaction with their favorite celebrity, there are untold numbers desperately seeking acknowledgment and not receiving it.There is an entire Twitter account devoted to finding and sharing tweets from fans who claim their pets or family members have died in their quest to get a follow from Harry Styles, of the pop group One Direction.And with our growing sense of proximity to celebrities through social media, it is not as easy to dismiss aspirations to fame as delusional. Box to send fan mail or buying concert tickets and attempting to get backstage took effort.

“As we all become mini-celebrities, we can more easily imagine that we can become real celebrities,” Dumcombe says.

Spitzberg describes how a fan might respond to something like a celebrity tweet and then, days later, see an unrelated tweet from the same celebrity and read meaning into it because they’ve been thinking about the star in the interim period.

“This phantom reciprocity may be one of the reinforcing aspects of the sequential and ongoing process of receiving messages from the celebrity,” he says, “which despite going to thousands, can Stephen Duncombe, an associate professor of media studies at New York University, notes that the popularity of celebrities like Kim Kardashian is related to the mastery of self-presentation.

But these images are still carefully curated constructions of the “real” celebrity.

“No one media source, not even the one most associated with the celebrity, gives us a full understanding of the complexity and tensions inherent in celebrity personas,” writes Erin Meyers, an assistant professor of communication at Oakland University, in a paper examining the concept of authenticity and celebrity.

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Few of us had entertained the idea that we might soon interact with celebrities in the same digital spaces where we conducted our social lives.

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