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Fortunately, it never was your names that host Cat Deely called out. This last show was so taxing and stressful that we were all like, ''We are done competing. But in the end, only one can win so if it can't be you, who are you rooting for? Let's just get through this.''TRAVIS: I think Benji will win. If this was a true dance contest, I think I would win, but it is a personality/likability contest as well as a dance talent contest. If it can't be me, I have to pick Heidi because she's my cousin, for crying out loud! I was pretty good, but it never occurred to me that I could actually get on the show and get to the end. HEIDI GROSKREUTZ, 24: It has been a roller-coaster ride, and that is actually what is so great about it. TRAVIS: I have a really bad back, to the point that last Sunday I woke up and couldn't walk. It wasn't until I was around Travis and contemporary choreographer/judge Mia Michaels that I grew to love and appreciate organic movement. I was obsessed with this show last season; I would memorize season 1 finalists Nick and Blake's routines at 3 in the morning. I have gotten the most amazing exposure and instruction as a dancer. Benji replaces Ben Stiller as Derek in Zoolander 2? And after viewing the group danceto "Sexy Back" last night, I have to agree. They need to know that I was cut, and now I'm at the end. DONYELLE: I have never felt pain like I have felt on this show. I take a hot bath at night and get up an hour early every morning to take another, to get my muscles loose so I can just move around. That's why I looked like I was going to cry last week. Normally I would have stopped dancing and went, ''Ow! But I think most of our injuries will subside once we have time to sleep and eat properly and give our muscles a rest. TRAVIS: If you ask anyone in the cast who reacted the worst to elimination Thursdays, they'll say, ''Travis.'' You can't talk to me on Thursdays. and film the opening number, and then we have to wait five hours for the results. Other than your style specialty, which genre have you come to appreciate the most? The movement always seemed so unnatural to me, and I just never got it. BENJI SCHWIMMER, 22: Yes, I feel validated — the question was answered! You don't realize how strong you are and what you are capable of until it's questioned. You can be the best dancer in the room and still get cut. Too many people get discouraged by the audition process and give up on dreams. I am also the girl that everyone wants to lift and turn; which is great, but at the same time it seems to trigger my migraines, because something in my neck is wrong. And elimination days were emotionally draining for me. Heidi gets mad at me for putting out negative energy. Do you now know you can dance, instead of just thinking it? I didn't need to win, but I wanted to go from the beginning to the end and see the whole process; I wanted to get in to prove that first impressions don't always mean something. And you can play connect-the-bruises on my body, and I don't know how I got most of them. We get, like, five hours a week to run errands, like going to fake-and-bake so we don't look like ghosts on the show.

Pay Raise $$$Promotions galore Living on my own Amazing opportunities - new adventures. From what I've researched, the dance community in Chicago is lacking... if anyone wants to see video clips from the final show, go to her site. Benji on Live with Regis and Kelly in NYC Friday morning: Just so you know, the following clip is without question my favorite EVER. What were the best and worst moments for each of you this season? Hip-hop choreographer/judge Shane Sparks and show producer/judge Nigel Lythgoe both reamed me. DONYELLE: The best moment for me was when we taped a show on my birthday, and I had over a hundred people in the audience for me.I always watched ballroom competitions, but I could never do it, nor did I want to learn. I could fake them well enough that I had actual ballroom dancers come up and say, ''If you took just six months to train, you could compete.'' That's flattering. It is called the Episode, because you have to walk down this long stage, and there's a giant spotlight on us, and then you have to stand there while the judges pick you apart. [Ballroom choreographer/judge] Mary Murphy toyed with me for 15 minutes, making me believe that I wasn't going to make it on the show. I walked off the stage and realized that I was a crying mess on national TV, and that brought me back down again.What were the best and worst moments for each of you this season? [Hip-hop choreographer/judge] Shane [Sparks] and [show producer/judge] Nigel [Lythgoe] both reamed me. DONYELLE: The best moment for me was when we taped a show on my birthday, and I had over a hundred people in the audience for me.That was the first time I felt challenged in the competition but didn't conquer it, and the first time I had negative comments from the judges.I was prepared for it, but to actually hear it, it's like, .

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