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All this makes women explore a different side to themselves as well as a secure feeling- he will be our hero and protect us. Think of Johnny Depp, not necessarily classified as a bad boy- not with a wife and kids, but he has a quiet, artistic, somewhat tortured soul vibe to him. We make mountains out of mole holes and mysteries out of thin air.

For a minute, it's like living in a romance novel; part hot sex and part drama. There are a group of guys that fall into this category.

Heroes act before thinking, exactly what bad boys are known for, and nice guys, well they get to be the "friends" or ran over in the high speed chase.

Just like we can't blame men for preferring the typical female body portrayed in the media, well women are just as susceptible to the traits in a male hero role.

When she is with this guy, she is always thinking she will be the to help him or "he only opens up to me", and somehow that will feel like a compliment.

She won't give up on him as quickly as most people will.

Good girls are pleasers and bad boys are takers- perfect example of opposites attract or yin and yang.

In love, there is always the dealer and the addict- they need each other.

The truth is a bad boy has faced more struggles and adversity, which makes for a more interesting, complex, and resilient person- the stuff movie roles are made of.Bad boys are different- they make women feel sexy, exciting, and free.How enjoyable a woman's sex life is very dependent on how she feels about herself when she is around someone.Good girls have a natural instinct to give and nurture and not think twice about expecting anything back.In fact, it makes them happy to give to a guy who is good at taking- they feel needed.

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He is a rush and a big, part charity case too- he's got a lot of issues and If she tames him or helps him, it will be the ultimate good deed. There are many other reasons a good girl is drawn to an irresistible bad boy.

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